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Global small business financing

Leveraging Blockchain technology to secure and distribute fiat investments to the SME world.

Goal Achieved! 20,000 ETH Raised!

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Crowdsale closed! Thanks for helping us hit 20,000ETH

Debitum Network
more possibility and less vulnerability

  • Solving real 2 trillion USD credit gap for SME’s worldwide
  • More than 2 million USD raised in just 2 hours of the crowdsale
  • Product in development, ready for 2018 launch
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Debitum Network Wins d10e Both Jury & Audience ICO Pitch Award

On 31 October, the project beat 120 other applicants in the highly regarded ICO Pitch Competition at d10e Gibraltar, the leading international conference in decentralization. Debitum won both the jury and audience awards, the first time this has happened in the history of the event.

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The Challenge: Why we started Debitum Network


Approximately 70% of all Micro and Small to Medium sized businesses in emerging markets lack access to credit.

World Bank, 2017

The very real $2 trillion credit gap

Small businesses around the world are forced to work in difficult environments, and severely lack access to credit. The current credit gap is estimated to be an astonishing $2 trillion.

Essentially, the system's broken...

It’s controlled by the Central Banks, highly constrained and strictly over-regulated. Through regulation, local financial institutions are actually instructed to block SME’s from receiving funds from International or individual investors, making it tough to realize their true business potential.

The cost of trust provision between lenders and borrowers is also too high. Businesses struggle for reasonably accessible financing due to the lack of effective international marketplaces, and transparent pledge security registries.

It turns out, the only way to bring ambitious local players together to combine and share resources, is to offer a hub that belongs to no-one, and benefits no particular group or person - you can imagine how unpopular this idea is to Central Banks, right?

This is where Debitum Network comes in...

Business funding on steroids


Debitum Network is designed to unite borrowers and those who help them apply: investors (lenders), risk assessors, document validators, insurers, etc.

Companies or individual professionals who work in the alternative finance space can connect-in to the network for free and immediately begin facilitating cross-border deals.

Debitum Network is built as a hybrid platform

All actions are processed through the Ethereum Blockchain, making Debitum Network a secure and incorruptible infrastructure. It’s made up of an Ethereum-based family of smart contracts, facilitated by one internal means of payment.

Transactions run through Fiat currencies, ensuring businesses can actually use the service easily in their locality, and from day one.

Debitum Token economy

  • The more loans processed via Debitum Network, the more DEB tokens are needed

  • As all service providers need to freeze some tokens, DEB token supply is limited

  • In crypto world, increased token value often represents that the company is evolving rapidly.

Based on DEB token usage within its lifetime for each loan, total needed to buy DEB tokens will surpass total ability to sell DEB tokens, thus creating upward pressure on DEB token price. Debitum Network is solving the $2 trillion problem, therefore growth potential is huge.

How it works

  1. Contribute

    Contribute to Debitum Network and receive your DEB tokens.

  2. Debitum Network - solution for small businesses financing

    - Fernando runs a timber company in Brazil and would like to export his production to the Netherlands.

    - Currently as Fernando has no money for international business growth, he sells all his production quite cheaply to Alex, a middleman taking care of business development in the Netherlands and logistics.

    - Fernando finds Debitum Network and puts a loan application for 20,000 USD with 12% interest rate, providing his production in his warehouse as a collateral.

    - Many investors from the USA and Europe decide to finance Fernando and provide him with the loan of 20'000 USD.

    - Fernando is happy to see his business grow as he has more money. As Fernando successfully establish his operations in the Netherlands with the help of his friend Sarah, investors are paid back the loan.

  3. Your profit grows together with Debitum Network

    We use your contributions to fully launch our solution in a lot of markets.

    Everyone with spare money can join Debitum Network and provide a loan to Fernando or any other company.

    As Debitum Network grows worldwide, with a very limited amount of DEB tokens in the market, the value of acquired tokens could well increase.

How it works

Here's why investors have us pegged as a top ICO...

We're able to start quick and grow fast

We're already experts in alternative decentralized financing. There's a fully functioning network of individual investors and international funds, plus funding requests from SME’s, already waiting. We just need to fuel it.

Debitum (DEB) - It's sustainable

The Debitum token will fuel every transaction on Debitum Network. Thus, becoming a sustainable cryptocurrency that'll grow in value over time as the Debitum eco-system becomes more widespread.

We've already developed a functional MVP

Full Blockchain infrastructure
Runs on ETH
Based on real financing requests from SME’s
Try it now!

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Learn more about what we've achieved so far, our short-term plans, and what we'll create together

2015 – Q2 2017
Start of the company

2015: Incorporated DEBIFO – an alternative finance company

2016.01: Joined Mintos p2p finance platform

2016.10: Reached financing agreement with a private debt fund MUNDUS

2017.02: Envisioned Debitum ecosystem

2017.06: Reached 3M EUR portfolio, nearly 20M EUR asset turnover

Q3 2017
Creating Proof of Concept

2017.07: Expand core team with business and technology advisers

2017.08: Establish global business development team

2017.09: Build and deploy MVP version on Ethereum Ropsten blockchain

2017.09: Align with first counterparties of ecosystem

Q4 2017
Raising funds via Crowdsale

2017.10: Launching of the marketing campaign

2017.10: Expanding the Debitum Network community

2017.10: Incorporating Debitum Network

2017.12: Crowdsale Round A - Raised 1,2 M USD

Q1-Q3 2018
Building Debitum Network 1.0

2018.02: Crowdsale Round B

Product development start

2018.03: Expanding Debitum Network team to prepare for global expansion

2018.06: Establishing Debitum Network in the first target country

2018.09: Testing and auditing Debitum Network 1.0 before public launch

Q4 2018
Debitum Network 1.0

Develop Debitum Network ecosystem version 1.0 with manual on-boarding of asset generators, investors and additional service providers

Who’s behind Debitum Network?

This is not a startup built by college kids in a basement. We're a team of inspired finance and technology professionals who've already achieved success working in the alternative financing eco-system.

Established in 2015, Debifo is now one of the leading alternative financing platforms for SMEs. In 2016, it was awarded Financial Service of the Year.

€ 25M

2-year asset turnover

€ 3M

Current asset portfolio

One of the most innovative IT companies in Northern Europe, providing high quality IT services to both the public and private sectors.


total project hours

6.5 years

Average experience per specialist

Meet the leadership team

Mārtiņš Liberts

Co-Founder / Visionary

Well established executive and entrepreneur with deep insight in technology, finance, and the future.

Donatas Juodelis

Co-Founder / Partner relations

Global networker making strong connections worldwide and having the ability to inspire individuals joining the cause.

Justas Šaltinis

Co-Founder / Financing operations

Successful Certified CFA with an established track record in creating alternative financing eco-system.

Mažvydas Mackevičius

Technology lead / Blockchain technology expert

Certified enterprise architect with deep experience in development of secure and scalable financial and global solutions.

Märt Lume

Lead product manager

Employee #1 in what became Slack. Has produced many successful consumer and enterprise software projects in the last 10 years.

Interested joining?

Drop us an e-mail:

The Advisory board

Eyal Hertzog

Co-Founder of Bancor / Crypto advisor

Since 2014 Eyal has been working in the cryptocurrency space, beginning with AppCoin, empowering local communities with local currencies, and now Bancor Protocol, an on-chain, fully decentralized conversion solution between tokens connected to the network, through a low-cost, perpetual and adjustable smart contract liquidity mechanism. Bancor successfully completed a record-breaking token sale in June 2017, raising over $153 million for BNT, the Bancor Network Token, which serves as the hub connector for the Bancor Network™, a decentralized liquidity network allowing every integrated token to be instantly converted to any other, with no counterparty.

Tadas Langaitis

Investor relations advisor

Tadas Langaitis is one of first Level III CFA certified professionals in the Baltic region, he has been a partner at an investment bank and investment funds, worked in the first VC fund in the Baltic states. Tadas has been a co-founder of many successful companies, including a large international IT company Nortal. He also co-founded multiple successful non-profit organizations, community, and civic movements. Tadas is a seasoned business angel and a prominent member of parliament today.

Andrius Bogdanovičius

Risk assessment advisor

Andrius Bogdanovičius is leading a Creditinfo bureau in Lithuania for more than 10 years. Creditinfo helps financial institutions, telecommunication companies and other entities in Lithuania to take on crediting solutions. Andrius is also a chairman of financial service companies association FINCO as well as a member of Creditinfo Eesti (Estonia) and Kreditinformacijas Birojs (Latvia) supervisory board.

Andrius Nikitinas

International business development advisor

As an Attache for commercial relationships with 3 countries Andrius represents Lithuania at the highest levels of Diplomatic activity including meeting with Heads of State and senior officials/politicians. Andrius is the longest servicing Commercial Attache from the Baltic States to the UK. This is due to being successful in fostering trade between the UK and Lithuania.

Michael Ricks

Financial services advisor

Michael is a fintech innovator, building new businesses in factoring, mobile payment, alternative asset financing, insurance, and risk management. He has been a country, regional and global leader and partner in the financial services practices of three of the “Big Four” consultancies, as well as a partner in a London investment bank. Government and industry seek his advice on cyber security. He is an active business angel and board member, accompanying firms from startup through the exit.

Peter Howitt

Legal advisor

Peter is a UK qualified, and Gibraltar admitted lawyer and founder of Ramparts, a European law firm based in Gibraltar with experience in e-gaming, e-payments, FinTech, DLT, and Blockchain. Peter advises clients on Coins and Token sales as well as regulated financial services. Peter combines his legal know-how and experience with a pioneering ‘can-do’ attitude and an ability to spot the opportunities in the intersection between business, technology, and regulation.

James Downton

Marketing advisor

Co-Founder of “The Marketing Group Plc” (IPO’d in May 2016). He is also the CEO of a successful marketing agency “Clickverta”. James’s knowledge of digital marketing brings a lot of value to “Debitum Network” and his strategic experience in IPO’s is advantageous to “Debitum’s” ICO.

Lex Sokolin
Lex Sokolin

Fintech advisor

Lex Sokolin is a Fintech entrepreneur and futurist. He is the Global Director of Fintech Strategy at Autonomous Research and is the author of the keystone analysis “Token Mania”. Previously, Lex was the Founder & COO of AdvisorEngine and the Founder & CEO of NestEgg Wealth, and holds a JD/MBA from Columbia University.

Honourable Richard Evans

Investor relations

Richard has been a highly motivated professional networker, dealmaker for over 25 years. Since his teens, he has built up excellent business relationship skills including selling, marketing, branding and lead generation. At Centurion Press Group (1990–2003) as Shareholder and Board Director he founded the Voluntary Sector Services Division creating multi-million pound sales.

Legal partner
partners and supporters
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